Vivera Retainers

Your new smile means everything. So maintaining it means everything too.

Vivera Retainers are premium retainers made by Invisalign. They are the most durable, comfortable and easy to wear.

They come in sets of 3 so you get excellent value and have spares incase you leave one behind

How Long do Vivera Retainers Last?

Your Invisalign Vivera Retainers come as a set of 3. They are the most durable of any clear retainers. If cared for properly, they are designed to last years. We have patients that have not required a new set for nearly a decade.

How Much do Vivera Retainers Cost?

A set of 3 will cost anywhere between £325 and £495. At Sardinia Dental London this will depending on if you need a set for both top and bottom teeth.

How to clean Vivera Retainers?

We advise cleaning Vivera Retainers using a clean toothbrush or denture brush with anti bacterial soap under some cold water. We advise against using toothpaste as it can leave a built up layer on the retainers. Alternatively there are also specialist Retainer Cleaning tablets. You can purchase Retainer-Brite or Aligner Crystals from us.

Can I stop wearing retainers after 2 years?

We strongly advise against stopping retainer wear after a few years. We advise all our patients if they wish their teeth to stay straight then they are married to their retainers. We recommend wearing your retainers as per your dentist’s or orthodontist’s recommendation which is usually every night forever.

Are Vivera retainers included with Invisalign?

We include Vivera Retainers as part of our Invisalign treatment packages. However they are not included as standard so it is always best to check with your dentist or orthodontist what retainers are included or required before embarking on any teeth straightening procedures.

Which Retainers are the best?

If you are looking for a clear retainer then Vivera Retainers are the best available. They are 30% stronger than other clear retainers such as Essix Retainers. They are computer generated and sit cut away from your gums to prevent any soreness when worn. Whilst being clear they are very discreet.

How do I get Vivera Retainers?

Vivera Retainers are usually digitally made. We use a digital scan of your teeth to computer generate a set of clear retainers. If you lose all your vivera retainers, then we maybe able to manufacture a new set using any existing scans we took in the past.