Tooth Cleaning in London

Teeth Cleaning in London

Sardinia House Dental Practice is a trusted dental hygienist in London. We offer a range of routine dentistry treatments that help prevent gingivitis, periodontitis and cavities.

Friendly, professional and accommodating, our dental hygienist offers the very best in dental care. Our teeth cleaning treatments help you keep your teeth bright and sparkling, and keeps your gums healthy.

Benefits of Teeth Cleaning and Whitening

Our dental hygienist can offer you the preventative care that you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

A session with our hygienist can:

  • Prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar
  • Prevent the onset of gingivitis and periodontitis
  • Keep your teeth and gums healthy
  • Give you shiny, spot-free teeth
  • Minimise the appearance of staining and discolouration
  • Keep your breath fresh

Regular sessions with a dental hygienist at least once or twice a year is crucial to maintaining a good oral health routine.

Tooth Cleaning in London
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Sardinia House Dental Practice is the best dental practice I have ever been to. From members of the reception to the dental practitioners, everyone is always so kind and cheerful, making patients like me and my peers comfortable and less nervous about our dental treatments.
Written by Adilah Azil - London
Such a lovely practice! I went to see Dr. Neha Patel, and she was incredibly accommodating and put me completely at ease. Like most people I don't usually like a trip to the dentist, but since coming here I can safely say that I don't ever have that dreaded feeling and (almost) look forward to coming in. I cannot recommend the practice enough for anyone in the area!
Written by Bethany Branthwaite - London

Dental Hygienist Costs

Sardinia House Dental Practice offers our services at competitive prices. The cost of our dental hygienist services in London varies depending on the amount of time it takes to clean your teeth.

Patients with minimal tartar build-up can finish a session in just 30 minutes, but patients with heavy plaque and tartar build-up may need a longer session or multiple appointments to completely clean their teeth.

Our rates can be found on our fees page here

Hygienist Services Available

We offer a range of dental cleaning services in London.

We offer scale and polish, which is a quick and efficient cleaning procedure that clears the teeth of plaque and tartar. We scrub around the gum line and between the teeth, focusing on the front and back surfaces for a thorough clean.

We also offer a number of preventative treatments, including a fluoride varnish, which strengthens the enamel, and fissure sealants, which prevents cavities from settling into the chewing surfaces of your molars.

Visit Sardinia House Dental Practice today and keep your teeth clean and healthy.

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