Whenever you think about braces, the first image that will likely come to mind is that of a teenager with a mouth full of metal. Indeed, braces are always associated with children or teenagers who are hoping to achieve straighter, more beautiful teeth as they grow.

While a large proportion of people who get braces are in the younger age bracket, there are more and more adults who are choosing to get them. In fact, about 50 per cent of new orthodontic patients are adults.

Teeth straightening is especially popular among women in their 40s to 50s who are seeking to improve their looks — and look great in pictures too.

No Longer Just for Children

Braces are no longer just for children. Though many orthodontists recommend braces to teenagers who are just growing into their adult teeth, it is never too late to start wearing braces.

Unlike before, wearing braces as an adult is much more common and accepted. Only a decade ago, adults who had braces only made up 10 percent of the orthodontic patients. Now, they consist of half of all patients.

Beautiful Smiles

There are a number of reasons why more adults are choosing to wear braces.

One of the most common reasons is the desire to have straighter, more beautiful smiles. One factor behind this is the popularity of social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram — many people want to have better profile pictures and be able to share their dazzling smiles online.

Straight teeth can also make you look more youthful, especially if coupled with teeth whitening treatments. Patients who wish to have a more youthful look will often have their teeth whitened and straightened.

Others will straighten their teeth to improve their job opportunities — a winning smile, after all, makes you look more approachable and friendly. Smiling is one of the easiest ways to impress job recruiters and colleagues.

Hidden Braces

Though braces are becoming more prevalent among adults, many still want to go about their treatment discreetly.

To meet the demand, we at Sardinia House Dental Practice have started offering lingual braces, as well as Invisalign. We are a trusted provider of lingual braces in the London area.

Lingual braces are very similar to standard metal braces, but are placed behind the teeth, rather than in front of them. The advantage of lingual braces is that it has all the benefits of standard braces but are hidden away behind the teeth.

For a faster orthodontic procedure, Invisalign can be a good option too. Instead of using wires, Invisalign braces feature several clear dental trays. The traces are switched every couple of weeks, moving the teeth a little at a time.

If you want straighter, more beautiful teeth, remember that it is never too late to get your teeth straightened.

Interested in wearing hidden braces? Contact us today and book an appointment at Sardinia House Dental Practice.