Having straight teeth is a desired physical attribute. Teeth straightening procedures have existed since Egyptian times, although the first documented procedure was carried during the 18th century, when French dentist Pierre Fauchard published a book called ‘The Surgeon Dentist’. He created the ‘Blandeau’, a horseshoe-shaped piece of iron that helped expand the arch. Today, orthodontists help patients achieve the smile they want by providing treatments that slowly but surely align their teeth.

Many people are quick to assume that teeth straightening is only cosmetic. Misaligned teeth, or malocclusion, may cause serious health problems if left untreated. People are affected by varying forms of malocclusion: wide gaps, overcrowding, deep bites, open bites, cross bites, excessive overjet and more.

Three major health benefits of straightened teeth are:

Reduced Migraines

If you experience headaches and are unsure about the cause, your teeth might be the problem.

Uneven teeth may put stress on the joints of your jaw, causing unwarranted headaches and migraines. Jaw pain may also cause dizziness, earaches and ringing in your ears. Patients who have struggled with the effects of malocclusion often found relief from teeth-straightening treatments.

Healthier Gums

When your teeth are spaced widely apart, your gums can become irritated or inflamed from trapped debris and plaque. The same is true for overcrowded teeth. The condition can lead to bacterial build-up and unusual swelling. When your gums begin to hurt from the swelling, it may be an early sign of periodontal disease.

Teeth-straightening creates a strong defence against periodontal problems. Teeth cleaning also becomes much easier. You will have fewer risks of more complicated dental conditions, helping you to avoid more invasive and painful treatments later on.

Increased Protection from Bacterial Infection

The mouth is a pathway to several parts of the body that has the potential to spread disease. Dr Kakosian, an oral surgeon, emphasises the importance of dental hygiene in maintaining overall health. If you have crooked teeth, you are vulnerable to gum disease and infections.

‘Oral bacteria can enter your bloodstream from your gums and affect the inner lining of blood vessels and the brain’, says Dr Kakosian.

Straight teeth mean fewer difficulties maintaining oral hygiene, which decrease the chances contracting illnesses caused by oral bacteria.

The Treatment

More than four million people in the world have straighter smiles, thanks to Invisalign. Popular in London, Invisalign treatment involves getting impressions of your teeth and wearing a series of near-invisible, bespoke aligners that fit you perfectly. As you replace each aligner according to the prescribed timeframe, your teeth move little by little until they have reached their straightened position.

The aligners are removable, so you may take them out for short periods to eat without affecting the teeth-straightening treatment. You are also able to brush your teeth normally. You don’t need to worry about buying prescribed tools or being careful about knocking the metal wires of normal braces. With Invisalign, your lifestyle remains intact but your smile continues to improve with treatment.

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