People will always want to have a sparkling set of teeth. Having bright and healthy teeth is an attractive physical attribute, making teeth whitening treatments a popular procedure all over the world. Recent claims on teeth whitening, however, have surfaced and confused both dental practitioners and patients alike.

These are four myths about teeth whitening that dentists would like to put straight:

‘Using activated charcoal is safe and effective for a luminous smile.’

There has recently been a rise in charcoal facial products, but dentists say that the active ingredient should not go onto your teeth. Despite numerous reviews from bloggers or several convincing ad placements on Instagram, there is no clear clinical evidence that charcoal is safe for whitening your teeth. In fact, dental professionals are concerned about its abrasiveness on both your teeth and gums. Although it may be tempting to try out every possible technique online, it’s always best to stick to treatments that have been backed by years of research.

‘You have to stop drinking coffee and tea if you want white teeth.’

Although coffee and tea are two of the common culprits for teeth stains, this does not mean you have to give up on them completely. Regular consumption of coffee, tea or any highly pigmented beverage leaves a yellowish tint on the external layer of tooth enamel. Regular visits to the dentist can easily dissolve those stubborn stains. Maintain white teeth by brushing your teeth properly every day as well.

‘You cannot get teeth-whitening treatments if you have sensitive teeth.’

Some people think that the whitening solution itself is harmful to your teeth. The minor sensitivity that you might experience during whitening treatment is your teeth’s temporary reaction to the fluctuating temperatures used during the procedure. The sensitivity often disappears but if it persists, consult with your dentist. They will help you determine the cause and prescribe appropriate remedies. Most likely, the sensitivity is a symptom of an underlying oral health condition so make sure to disclose any discomfort to your dental practitioner.

‘Your teeth will look fake after whitening treatment.’

Many patients are terrified of having unnaturally white teeth. In order to prevent this, dental practitioners let patients choose the shade they are most comfortable with before they begin the whitening treatment. Most procedures are also gradual and progressive, allowing patients to control the results. If you’re happy with your smile after only a couple of sessions, you are free to forego the next sessions.

Not All Solutions are on the Internet

You can find many answers to your questions on the Internet, but virtual spaces are also highly vulnerable to false information. If you are curious about teeth whitening, it is best to talk to a professional.

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